m(ai)ze is a small puzzle game in which you teach a robot to walk through levels. there is also a level editor.

BIG NEWS: this was a game jam game yes, but  I will keep developing it to turn it into a full release, so stay tuned! (may with devlogs on youtube aswell)

make sure to check out the options menu for the programmer mode!

there are new explanations in the tutorials, if you activate it


it is HIGHLY recommended to play the game in 1080p, the ui bugs out on other resolutions.

the level editor should work in the webbuild as well as in the windows build, but you can actually share levels with others, if you use the windows build

levels are saved at C:\Users\"your username\AppData\LocalLow\jakob#3640\maize\

as .mze files

the game will load in every level you put in there into the custom levels menu and the editor


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Without logic elements (if/else/while/loop) this feels just like an inconvenient way to specify _static_ route.

I completed all tutorials first try (except a single error in level 3), but static routing wasn't fun for me to continue playing:(

I would consider adding more logic elements and try some "automation goals" (e.g. program bot, which solves all 10 given levels with a single program)

That was really good. Honestly I can't imagine how all of this is done in just three days.
I love the calm sounding music as well.

the music was made by Doctor Ron and he really did a great job. about how it was done in three days, just dont sleep and drink a lot of energy drinks i guess

really appreciated :3

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Nice fun game has a lot of content. Music Good.

oh you f** i mean great artist <3


Oh my god...this game where do i even start with how great it is? The visuals? The creativity? The polish of the main mechanic? Overall, an amazing game

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naw thank you! much much appreciated, i sacrificed a lot of sleep